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Pete Conrad – Apollo 12 WSS Portrait Litho 8×10 (Framed)



Official NASA 8″x10″ lithograph of Apollo 12 mission commander Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr. posing in his white spacesuit (WSS) in front of a lunar module mockup during training for the second manned Moon landing mission. Crisp “Charles Conrad Jr” signature in black.

COA included.

Framed with a 3″ embroidered mission patch, set in a black suede matte.

Framed size 13.25″x18.75″

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1 review for Pete Conrad – Apollo 12 WSS Portrait Litho 8×10 (Framed)

  1. Karl D. Dodenhoff

    A technicality note: there’s no such thing as a “WSS”. The suit was called either an EMU = Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or in this case, more accurately PGA = Pressure Garment Assembly

    • Rob Gallagher

      “WSS” is merely an unofficial, shorthand term we’ve used at Novaspace for over 20 years referring to “white spacesuit”, to differentiate from silver or orange spacesuit or blue or green jumpsuit, etc. It is meant to evoke an image in one’s mind, not to be a technical term.

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