Spacefest IV Astronaut Group Photo


12″x8″ photo of the attending astronauts at Spacefest IV in Tucson, 2012, printed on photographic paper.

Available as a formal portrait (4902P), or a more relaxed, alternate pose with Al Worden sans shoes and socks (4902A).

Front Row, L-R: Alan Bean, Dave Scott, Walt Cunningham, Jack Lousma, Fred Haise, Ed Mitchell, Vance Brand, Ed Gibson, Dale Cox, Tom Jones, Mike Mullane.

Back Row, L-R: Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden, Dick Gordon, Charlie Walker, Paul Weitz, Gene Cernan, Charlie Duke.

(For the 4902A relaxed, alternate pose, Al “No Shoes” Worden is now 3rd from the Left in the Front Row, and the Back Row now starts with Cunningham, then Aldrin. All other positions stay the same.)


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Formal Portrait 4902P, Alternate Pose (no shoes) 4902A


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