The Artist That Walked on the Moon & Reached for the Stars



In this tribute to Apollo astronaut/artist, Alan Bean, artist Lucy West has depicted Bean’s famous textured painting style by replicating his compositions, “Reaching for the Stars” and “Fast Times at Ocean of Storms”. With an allegorical twist, West portrays Bean’s autographed signature as the shadow of the astronaut leaping across the lunar surface to reflect his presence on the moon. She also reproduced Bean’s iconic moon boot prints throughout the dark backdrop to memorialize the textured imprints Bean produced in his paintings. It is well-known that Bean used cast moldings of the very boots he wore while executing EVAs during the Apollo 12 mission (November 14-24,1969) to create his sculpted masterpieces. With paintbrushes in hand and beloved, friendly persona ever-present, Bean is surrounded by the visions that found their way to become the treasured art he shared with the world.

Edition of 24 on paper. Signed by artist Lucy West and numbered.


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Print Only (17×21 in), Framed (21.75×25.75 in)


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