Cosmic Exploration Playing Cards


Learn some space history while playing your favorite card games on those long lunar nights and boring interstellar flights! Each deck has 52 playing cards and 2 jokers, each card showing a different spacecraft from around the world.

Spades are rockets launched by the United States, Diamonds are Soviet Union/Russia, Hearts are other space-faring countries, and Clubs are craft that carried living things. Kings are the most powerful vehicles and far-reaching manned craft, Queens are winged vessels, traditionally called “she”, and Jacks are the most versatile vehicles.

Choose from two deck styles, with either the USA or the USSR winning the race to the Moon.

Blue Earth decks represent the history of the Space Age as it really happened. Card backs depict a Blue Earth, USA’s Apollo CSM/LM spacecraft arcing towards the Moon in two corners, the flaring Sun in the opposite corners, and 12 bright stars, one for each astronaut who walked on the Moon. Three cards depict an Apollo CSM in lunar orbit, an Apollo LM on the Moon, and a never-flown Soviet LK lander in a museum.

Red Dream decks have a few key changes – the US did not make it to the Moon, the Soviets did! Card backs depict a Red Star Earth, with USSR’s LOK/LK spacecraft arcing towards the Moon. Three cards depict a Soviet LOK in lunar orbit, a Soviet LK lander on the Moon, and a never-flown US test lander in a museum.

Created by IAAA space artists Jon Ramer and Nick Stevens.

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Blue Earth Deck, Red Dream Deck


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