Arctic Majesty


Bob Eggleton is a master of aurorae, and made many trips to Alaska to paint the Northern Lights. This breathtakingly vivid print of one such painting was lavishly made using a discontinued Cibachrome process that provides unequaled color vibrancy and depth. The aurorae virtually glow in the deep-blue infinity of the sky.

Cibachromes are archival museum-quality photographic prints that never fade. They use metal-based dyes which not only last longer than traditional vegetable-based photographic colors, but also provide high-saturation color with crisp resolution.

Traditional lithographs and modern giclees just can’t compete with this impressive Cibachrome process. Alas, this image was printed in 1991, and the special printing paper was discontinued in 2011, so no more of these impressive art prints will ever be made.

Learn more about Cibachrome and Ilfochrome.

Open edition. Signed.

Framed as shown with vibrant blue suede matte: 34.75″x32″

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