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Two beautiful images showing both faces of our constant celestial companion and nearby neighbor, Earth’s Moon!

Because the Moon is tidally locked to the Earth, we always see the near side when viewing from our planet. The only way to see the far side is from a spacecraft. Notice how the near side is dominated by maria or “seas”, that are broad, dark, low-lying basins formed by ancient lava flows, whereas the far side appears lighter and is heavily cratered, with very few, much smaller maria.

These images were created using data from cameras aboard NASA’s robotic Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.

Image courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Arizona State University.

Image size: 23×23 in.

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Near Side Poster (24×24 in), Near Side Framed (28.38×28.38 in), Far Side Poster (24×24 in), Far Side Framed (28.38×28.38 in), Poster Set, Framed Set


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