Heart of the Galaxy (Miniature)


The central “bulge” of spiral galaxies typically is over-exposed in many galaxy images, but in fact usually contains one very brilliant object in the center, usually indicating the presence of a quasar or black-hole phenomena.   In addition, the central region usually includes many brilliant, red giant stars packed much closer to each other than stars in our area (in the outer part of one spiral arm).  This area is partly obscured by dense dust clouds, as seen from our solar system, but William was intrigued by the such the possible visual appearance of such a dense  if we could visit it “up close.”  As a painter, he has been intrigued not only by the visual possibilities afforded by the science, but also by the abstract qualities that such paintings can have.  This one turned out to create a vaguely Pollack-like quality of borderless abstraction.


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Dimensions 12 × 3 × 10 in


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