“NEW” Gemini IV Patch


Here is a collaboration by General McDivitt and Astronaut Central. Jim HATES the “official” Gemini IV patch attributed to the flight. He thinks a schoolkid designed it, and refuses to sign anything with it included. Geminis III and IV had no official patch; in fact Gemini V had the first of the space program.

We’ve sold several of Gemini IV’s flown Fliteline medallions on Astro-Auction, and also the 12″ round B&W drawing used for the medallion. Jim said THAT was the design they would’ve used for a mission patch, incorporating the “American Eagle” call sign they were refused permission to use.

So, we used official Air Force colors (both McDivitt and White were USAF) and had AB emblems manufacture the patch, using the drawing as a guide. Jim LOVES it! He says “Ed would’ve liked it, too.” Diameter is 3.4″

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