FLOWN Gemini-Titan 10 Booster Piece, Plus Project Gemini Booklet



From space artist James Dean’s personal collection.

An 8″x10.5″ parchment, presented to James Dean by the Air Force Space Museum, with attached 1.5″x0.5″ FLOWN metal piece recovered from the first-stage of the Titan booster that launched Gemini X; and 8″x10.25″, 52-page NASA booklet from 1966, covering all aspects of the program, with lots of illustrations.

James Dean was the NASA director of films, publications, and television, and then the Director of the Fine Arts Program at NASA from 1961 to 1974. He then became the Curator of Art at the National Air and Space Museum.

NOTE: Presentation has several uncreased bends, worn edges, and piece of tape at top. Booklet has worn edges, slightly worn covers with a few slight bends, and small tear in upper right of front cover.

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