FLOWN Apollo 8 Beta Cloth Signed by Frank Borman



From astronaut Frank Borman’s personal collection.

Now is your chance to own a very special piece of history to commemorate humankind’s first trip to another world!

Frank Borman has supplied us with some FLOWN Apollo 8 Beta cloth patches from his personal stash! These patches were the FIRST such artifacts flown to the Moon, on the first manned lunar flight. Borman inscribed each patch with “Flown on Apollo 8” and signed each one in our presence, while he was at Novaspace on October 21, 2020 for a private signing event.

Having previously sent only one manned Apollo mission as far as Earth orbit for a test flight, NASA made one of its boldest moves by sending this second manned Apollo mission directly to the moon without a LM (that was unfinished at the time) in order to insure beating the Russians, whose moon rocket was on the pad at the time. This was also the first manned Saturn V launch.

Apollo 8 orbited the Moon on Christmas Eve, 1968, allowing its crew to become the first humans to directly view the Earth rising over the lunar horizon. This monumental mission was made even more memorable when the crew gave a live, televised, emotional reading from the Book of Genesis while orbiting our nearest celestial neighbor.

COA included.

Patch may be purchased unframed, or framed with special float-mounting (without glue or anything attached or stuck to the patch) with acid-free mats, along with a brass plaque, beneath UV-blocking plexiglas, surrounded by an anodized aluminum frame.

The plaque reads:
APOLLO 8    DECEMBER 21-27, 1968
FRANK BORMAN mission commander
JAMES A. LOVELL, JR. command module pilot
WILLIAM A. ANDERS lunar module pilot


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Unframed (9"x9"), Framed (14"x16")