Deke Slayton – American 1992 Space Accomplishments Stamps Sheet (Framed)



From NASA Apollo-Soyuz Russian Language instructor-interpreter Anatole Forostenko’s personal collection.

This 10.2″x9″ se-tenant sheet of 50 unused stamps in 10 groups of 4 images and 5 groups of 2 images from the May 29, 1992 Space Accomplishments joint Russian/American stamp issue was designed by Vladimir Beilin (Russia) and Robert McCall (USA). This American version has country and denomination printed on each stamp. Deke Slayton, Apollo docking module pilot for 1975’s joint American/Soviet Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, signed upper right in black.

Dr. Forostenko led a Russian language team at NASA’s Astronaut Office to prepare astronauts to communicate with cosmonauts during Apollo-Soyuz, working closely with both crews as instructor-interpreter.

COA included.

Framed with a 4” embroidered mission patch, set in a black suede matte.

Framed size 15.5″x18″

NOTE: Because we have two sheets available, the signing location may vary from the example shown here. The remaining sheet has a slight moisture ripple in the bottom right white border, that won’t be noticeable when framed.

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