Apollo 11 Newspaper & Various Magazines, Set of 5


From NASA Apollo-Soyuz Russian Language instructor-interpreter Anatole Forostenko’s personal collection.

July 17, 1969 New York Times 20-page Apollo 11 special supplement, 30+ articles by Logsdon, Gilruth, Chris Kraft, Low, Petrone, von Braun, Asimov, Jastrow, Paine, Arthur Clarke, and more; June/July 1989 Air&Space Smithsonian 112-page magazine, Apollo 11 20th Anniversary special edition; 2005 and 2006 Quest 64-page magazines, articles about Apollo program, Apollo 1, Apollo 11, Armstrong’s Challenger investigation role, 1946 interrogation of von Braun about A4 rocket, Gagarin, and more; May/June 2005 AAA World magazine with 2-page Jim Lovell article about favorite Smithsonian museum (Udvar-Hazy).

Dr. Forostenko led a Russian language team at NASA’s Astronaut Office to prepare astronauts to communicate with cosmonauts during Apollo-Soyuz, working closely with both crews as instructor-interpreter.

NOTES: Air&Space covers noticeably worn and stained, and slight bend in upper right of all pages. Quest 2006 has slight cover wear.

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