No Dream is Too High by Buzz Aldrin (Unsigned)


Celebrated astronaut and best-selling author Buzz Aldrin reflects on a lifetime of adventures and achievements and what he has learned through it all. Aldrin shares little-known stories with New York Times best-selling author Ken Abraham and highlights 13 principles that have shaped and guided his eventful life.

Aldrin’s principles range from “laugh…a lot” to “write your own epitaph” and, while he speaks intimately and from the heart, his disarming candor permeates each lesson. “Once you’ve been first, it cannot be done again — not by you, not by anyone else,” he writes — and muses in his irreverent way about how it has felt to be known as the second man on the moon. “Always keep some exciting new adventure on your bucket list,” Aldrin writes. “I’m living proof that no dream is too high!”

Hardcover, 223 pages, 5.7”x8.5”.


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