Moon Hoax by Paul Gillebaard (Signed by Paul Gillebaard)


Paul Gillebaard’s brilliant debut novel is a magnificent tale of seemingly doing the impossible, sending an American back to the moon…today.

China claims the moon landings never happened and that they have proof. America must prove they won the space race of the 60s or risk surrendering national prestige and preeminence to the Chinese.

NASA astronaut candidate Peter Novak, son of a moonwalker, is selected to fly a mission back to the moon to set the record straight. With no manned rocket close to flying, America must get into space undetected and without international help. Restoring his father’s and country’s reputation on a one-way ticket to lunar orbit is Peter’s only chance to outwit China’s efforts to sabotage the operation and beat the Chinese back to the moon. 405 page 6.25”x9.25” hardcover book.



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