Go, Flight! by Rick Houston & Milt Heflin (Unsigned)


None of NASA’s storied accomplishments would have been possible without the people in mission control. Interviews with dozens of individuals who worked in the historic third-floor mission control room bring the compelling stories to life, in a real-world reminder of where we’ve been and could go again.

At first glance, it looks like just another auditorium in just another government building. But among the talented men (and later women) who worked in mission control, the room located on the third floor of Building 30 – at what is now Johnson Space Center – would become known by many as “the Cathedral.” These members of the space program were the brightest of their generations, making split-second decisions that determined the success or failure of a mission. The flight controllers, each supported by a staff of specialists, were the most visible part of the operation, running the missions, talking to the heavens, troubleshooting issues on board, and, ultimately, attempting to bring everyone safely back home.

Hardcover, 341 pages, 6.25”x9.25”.


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