Sky Walking: An Astronaut’s Memoir by Tom Jones (Signed by Tom Jones)


A gripping first-hand account of life in space and the making of an astronaut. What’s it like to fly the Space Shuttle and work on the International Space Station? Veteran astronaut Tom Jones is uniquely qualified to give the details, having flown four Shuttle missions and led three space walks to deliver the U.S. Lab to the Station.

From B-52 pilot during the Cold War, to a PhD in planetary science, to the unbelievable rigors of astronaut training, his career inevitably pointed him toward the space shuttle. Until the Challenger exploded. Jones’s story is the first to candidly explain the professional and personal hardships faced by the astronauts in the aftermath of that 1986 tragedy. He certainly has ‘The Right Stuff’ but also found himself wondering if the risks he undertook were worth the toll on his family. Liftoffs were especially nerve-wracking, but his 53 days in space were unforgettable adventures. Jones uses his scientific background to explain the practical applications of many of the shuttle’s scientific missions, and describes what it’s like to work with the international crews building and living aboard the space station. Stunning photographs, many from space, illustrate his amazing journey.

Softcover, 369 pages, 6”x9”.


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