Ask The Astronaut by Tom Jones (Signed by Tom Jones)


Ever wondered what space is really like? What do you feel on liftoff? What is weightlessness? Where do you sleep in space? Can you see the Great Wall of China? Veteran astronaut and spacewalker Tom Jones uses his entertaining blend of wit, personal experience, and technical expertise to answer every question you’ve ever had about space.

His engaging and informative responses remind readers of historic space achievements, acquaint them with exciting new ambitions, make them feel like they have experienced space firsthand, and even inspire an urge to explore space themselves. Jones covers everything from the training process for new astronaut candidates and the physical sensations and challenges of rocketing into orbit to what it’s like to live, work, and walk in space. Jones also explores the future of spaceflight, both professional and commercial, in the years to come. Ask the Astronaut is a delight for all readers, especially “armchair astronauts” and younger, 21st century space explorers.

Softcover, 264 pages, 6”x8.5”.


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