Fred Haise – Apollo 13 CSM & LM Danbury Mint Model



Detailed 1/50 scale, 13″ Danbury Mint model of Apollo 13 CSM Odyssey and LM Aquarius on 12.75″x5.5″ base, with chrome-finished CM, and gold-finished, foil-textured LM descent stage and extendable legs. Signed & inscribed “This bay was blown off by the O2 tank explosion, Apollo 13 LMP” in black on panel covering that bay. In original box with unpacking/care instructions. Part of one LM leg is broken, but looks fine on display.

COAs included from Danbury Mint for model and from Novaspace for Haise autograph.

NOTE: Part of one LM landing leg is broken, preventing the LM from sitting properly on all four legs (it sags enough to end up resting on the engine bell), but it looks just fine when attached to the command/service module mounted on the display base.

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