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Earth and Space Coloring Book


Color the Cosmos!

Indulge your love of space exploration and let your imagination soar, while creating your own space art with this awe-inspiring coloring book featuring magnificent photographs from NASA’s archives.

More than 35 spectacular images of Earth from above, our solar system, and deep space will take you and your pencils on an unparalleled journey through the cosmos, exploring the beauty and mystery of our universe on every page.

Each full-color photo is paired alongside a coloring page for you to create your own vivid version of outer space. A perfect medium for our Space Swirl and Mars Metallic Colored Pencils!

80 pages, 8.5×11 inches.

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1 review for Earth and Space Coloring Book

  1. Michael Gunzel (verified owner)

    I purchased the Earth and Space Coloring Book, along with both the Mars Metallic and Space Swirl Colored Pencils, for my 6 year old Grandson. He found all 3 to be “Very Cool”, however what was even more remarkable was that his 12 year old Brother, also found them to be something he wanted to be a part of as well. I don’t know to many 12 year old, soon to be 13 year old Boys, who like to color, yet this Coloring Book and Pencil Sets are just as impressive to him as his younger Brother. I would recommend all 3 to any age kid. I have been the recipient of several, unbelievable finished projects that look very well done, even from the 6 year old.

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