My First Lunar Boots


This sanguine combination of sneakers, space books, and a fanciful title was inspired by an inscription on the headstone of a 10-year-old boy in New Hampshire.

I will go to the Moon in a Rocket.
It will take me a few hours to get to the Moon.
I will wear a suit with a helmet that has air in it.
I need air in my suit because there is no air on the Moon.
It is freezing on the Moon.
I saw Neil Armstrong’s first flag on the Moon. There are
Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the Moon. I am going to see if my foot is
as big as Neil Armstrong’s by sticking my foot in his footprint. Since
There is no gravity on the Moon. I will dance on the Moon. And fly
around WOO HOO!! I am going to bring back rocks home to show my family.
After collecting rocks. I will go back to planet Earth and celebrate
that I went to the Moon.

Open edition print. Signed.


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Print Only (7×10 in), Framed (10.625×13.375 in)


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