Mars Astronaut


A Mars astronaut returns to base by ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) at the end of a long day of gritty fieldwork. Name tag left blank. Who will he or she be?…

The EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) systems shown in this artwork incorporate design elements from Dr. Lee and his team’s field research at the NASA Haughton-Mars Project (HMP) Mars analog test site on Devon Island, High Arctic, for instance the robust hard upper torso rear-entry spacesuit and the ATV quad bikes for short-range astronaut EVAs.

The spacesuit is blue – a color first depicted for Mars spacesuits by Chesley Bonestell – as blue is the complementary color to orange, thus maximizing visibility and safety in the ubiquitously orange Martian landscape. The NASA “wormball” logo from this painting, which combines NASA’s classic “meatball” and “worm” logos, was featured by NASA during the launch of the historic NASA-SpaceX Demo-2 “Endeavour” mission.

Image is of same size as original oil on board (11 x 14 inches).

Artist Proof edition of only 10. Signed and numbered.


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Print Only (11.25×14.5 in), Framed (16×19 in)


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