Desert Twilight: Hale-Bopp


In 1995, avid amateur astronomers Alan Hale of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Thomas Bopp of Phoenix, Arizona, simultaneously discovered the comet that bears their names. Their comet was the furthest ever discovered, and in order to be seen at that distance, it also had to be the largest ever discovered. Although on the opposite side of the solar system from Earth, Hale-Bopp provided a spectacular show during the Fall of 1996 and again during the first half of 1997. With a nucleus estimated to be 40 km in diameter, it was indeed huge. Hale-Bopp is in a long orbit, and is not expected to return for a few thousand years.

Image size: 13.5″x18″

Open edition poster. Signed by the artist.

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Artist Signed Poster (18''x25''), Artist Signed Poster Framed (18.5''x23'')


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