People of Pinnacle Point


In the Western Cape Province of South Africa at Mossel Bay a prehistoric story is being unearthed. Between 170,000 and 40,000 years ago people inhabited the coastal caves of Mossel Bay on a promontory called Pinnacle Point.

Archaeologists have recently unearthed remarkable clues about these cave-dwelling people that left behind evidence of a flourishing lifestyle derived from the coastal marine life.

Pinnacle Point is still a popular spot for humans, now sporting luxury golf courses and beautiful modern homes atop the ancient cliffs. But Lucy’s painting depicts Pinnacle Point of the very distant past when the fire-lit caves of our early ancestors glowed some 75,000 years ago and the subtle starlight of the Milky Way sparkled against the darkness of an ancient summer night sky.

Edition of 20 on paper. Signed and numbered.


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Limited Edition Print (18×26.5 in), Limited Edition Framed (22.5×31 in)


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