A supernova is the explosion of a massive star, at least six times the mass of our Sun. It is a catastrophic event in which the heavy elements which are a by-product of stellar burning are scattered in every direction. Any nearby stars or planets may be destroyed or flung across the galaxy by the force of the explosion. Deadly gamma radiation will also kill any unshielded lifeforms in the vicinity. Ironically, life couldn’t exist without the organic elements with which supernovae enrich the Universe.

Here we see the rapidly expanding cloud from a supernova, witnessed by three worlds, tiny in comparison to this astronomical event.


Also available as a minature.


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Unsigned Print Only (16×23 in), Unsigned Print Framed A (20×27 in), Unsigned Print Framed B (20×27 in), Framed Miniature (8.25×10.25 in)


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