Stratojet Shakedown


Aviation artist Craig Kodera exquisitely captures the sleek beauty and power of America’s first swept-wing, pure jet strategic bomber, Boeing’s B-47 Stratojet, flying high and fast among billowing, myriad-colored thunderclouds. Countersigned by Paul Tibbets, B-47 Project Officer and Test Pilot, and Pilot of the Enola Gay.

“I loved that airplane. It was silent and powerful. Its controls were light and sensitive. My favorite time and place to fly was up top – dodging those big thunder busters! Taking her through all that turbulence was some of the most fun I ever had in an airplane. The wings would twist and flap, absorbing all the stress without so much as a complaint.” – Paul W. Tibbets

Print edition of 1000 on paper. Signed and numbered.

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Print Only (23 x 17.5 in), Framed (26.5 x 20.875 in)


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