Spaceflight Support Postal Covers (6 Signed), Set of 7



Seven mission support covers: USNS Redstone, Apollo 11 cachet, postmarked 5 Aug 1969, Honolulu, HI; USNS Redstone, Range Instrumentation Ship cachet, 25 Aug 1977, Orlando, FL, signed by ship’s master H. Anderson Jr., ship cachet on back; Baker Nunn Spacetrack, “STS-2”, Nov 13, 1981, US Navy FPO, signed by Robert J. Kaminal (director?); Grand Turk Air Station, “STS-2, 12 Nov 81”, postmarked 16 Nov 1981, Orlando, FL, signed by station commander USAF Capt. Dale K. Little; UTC Liberty, STS-2 SRB Retrieval ship cachet, Nov 20, 1981, Cape Canaveral, FL, signed by ship’s master Navy Capt. James Bond; Naval Space Surveillance System cachet, “STS-4”, Jun 28, 1982, Dahlgren, VA, signed by commanding officer USN Capt. John E. Zwick; and UTC Liberty ship cachet, “STS 51-G”, Jun 17, 1985, Kennedy Space Ctr, FL, signed by Navy Capt. Ed Sottak.

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