Spacefest VIII Astronaut Group Photo


12″x8″ photo of the attending astronauts and support personnel at Spacefest VIII in Tucson, AZ, 2017, printed on photographic paper.

Front Row, L-R: Bruce McCandless, Gerry Griffin, Karol “Bo” Bobko, Charlie Duke, Dick Gordon, Jack Lousma, Al Worden, Vance Brand, Walt Cunningham, Fred Haise, Mike Collins, Paul Weitz.

Back Row, L-R: Jerry Bostick, Dave Scott, Charles Deiterich, “Dutch” von Ehrenfried, Jerry Ross, Joe Engle, Nicole Stott, Eileen Collins, Rhea Seddon, Charlie Walker, Robert “Hoot” Gibson, Jim McDivitt, Clay Anderson, Milt Heflin.

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Dimensions 12 × 8 in


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