Assorted Shuttle & Apollo Collectibles, Set of 19



A 3.2″ ornament honoring the loss of Challenger crew, with STS-51L mission insignia & quote; 4.25″ folding knife, with bald eagle & Columbia launch insets on both sides, in STS-107 memorial tin; two 14.5″x11.5″ mission insignia posters for STS-1 through STS-32; 15″x10″ bi-fold page of orbiter cut-away view; four NASA postcards; two NASA lithos of Endeavour photos; six Rockwell lithos of shuttle art & photos; Lockheed posterized litho of Columbia launch; and 8.3″x11″ sheet of Apollo 7 through 16 mission insignia stickers.

NOTE: Posters have slight dents, sticker sheet is discolored, and some of photos have dinged corners.

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