Space Careers by Leonard David and Scott Sacknoff (Signed by Leonard David and Scott Sacknoff)


From the exploration of new planets to understanding the universe around us; from building and testing a rocket to analyzing data from spacecraft that allow us to monitoring the Earth’s environment; from using satellites that help the world communicate to researching and employing the latest cutting edge technologies that benefit space and Earth alike – a career in the space industry might be for you! The space and satellite industry has careers for people interested in engineering, space science, astronomy, astrophysics, remote sensing, environmental monitoring, communications, software, and electronics, as well as for policy analysts, lawyers, accountants, tourism, and financial professionals. Space Careers is designed to provide students and job seekers the information they need to succeed. No matter if you are in high school, in college, a graduate student, or in the workforce… Space Careers will provide you with information you need to find or further your career. 232 page 6”x9.25” softcover book.



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