Jim Lovell – Apollo 8 First Day of Issue Cover


Genuine James Lovell signature!
(With autopenned Borman and Anders facsimiles.)

From the personal collection of Anatole Forostenko, NASA Apollo-Soyuz Russian Language Instructor-Interpreter.

First Day of Issue cover for the six-cent Apollo 8 stamp featuring the famous Earthrise photo and “In the beginning God..” quotation from the crew’s Christmas Eve broadcast, postmarked May 5, 1969, Houston, and personally signed by James Lovell, with Borman and Anders facsimile signatures drawn by autopen.

COA for Lovell included.

Dr. Forostenko led a Russian language team at NASA’s Astronaut Office to prepare astronauts to communicate with cosmonauts during Apollo-Soyuz, working closely with both crews as instructor-interpreter.

Note: Lovell’s signature is real, but Borman and Anders are autopens (not real signatures).

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