Frank Borman – “Dawn of an Era” Apollo 8 Saturn V Canvas



To celebrate the 53rd anniversary of Apollo 8, the first manned mission to another world, we created this very special, limited edition, signed and inscribed photo.

The first manned Saturn V rocket sits on the pad during a colorful dawn, waiting to launch Apollo 8 to the Moon. Printed on canvas, laminated for durability, then signed and specially inscribed by Frank Borman with “Dawn of an Era,” signifying the beginning of this new period of human spaceflight beyond Earth orbit.

Only 25 of these signed and numbered limited edition canvases are available!

Special Companion Piece to our Limited Edition “Star Sailor” Apollo 8 Earthrise Canvas.

Laminated giclee on canvas.

Framed only, 18″x23″.

COA included.

Limited Edition of 25, signed and numbered.

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