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Borman & Lovell – Gemini 7 Moonrise 8×10 (Framed)



During Gemini 7’s record-breaking, two-week orbital flight in December 1965, proving that rendezvous and long-duration flights were feasible, Jim Lovell took this haunting photo of the Moon rising above Earth’s horizon, shining like a beacon for the next phase of the US space program: Apollo, and landing humans on the Moon! Frank Borman inscribed “Moonrise”, and both signed in silver.

COA included.

Framed with a 3.5″ embroidered mission patch, set in a black suede matte.

Framed size 15.25″x17.25″

NOTE: Because we have multiple photos available, signature positions may vary slightly from the example shown here.

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1 review for Borman & Lovell – Gemini 7 Moonrise 8×10 (Framed)

  1. Alan Nelson

    what a beautiful. memorable shot from Gemini and 2 great astronauts

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