Dave Scott – Swann Hills 8×10



Apollo 15 mission commander Dave Scott photographs a rock sample on the slopes of Hadley Delta mountain. Note the rover in the background, which the astronauts often had to take turns holding in place when on an incline, while the other explored.

The rover weighed substantially less than 100 lbs. on the moon and often threatened to tumble or slide down the mountainside. The slopes of Hadley were very powdery, burying the astronauts up to their ankles. In the background are the Swann Hills, which Scott named after Gordon Swann of the USGS, one of the geology instructors.

COA included.

Framed with a 3″ embroidered mission patch.

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Photo Only (8''x10''), Frame C (16.5''x15''), Frame E (16.5''x15''), Frame F (14''x12'')


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