The First Men in the Moon by H.G. Wells and Illustrated by Bob Eggleton


This 1989 edition of H.G. Wells’ famous story is beautifully adorned with over two dozen color and black-and-white illustrations by extremely talented space, science fiction, and fantasy artist Bob Eggleton, and is the culmination of his longtime interest in the lunar landscape. Eggleton’s artwork encourages the reader to “believe in this strange world of caverns, Selenites, and seas of liquid light.”

Originally serialized between December 1900 and August 1901, and first published in hardcover in 1901, this “fantastic story” from prolific science fiction author H.G. Wells tells the tale of an eccentric scientist and a businessman who journey to the Moon and discover its sophisticated insect-like inhabitants.

164 pages, 8.5×11 inches, softcover.



(Note: All remaining copies of this softcover book have slight scuffs on the covers, but the illustrations inside are fantastic, and the story is a classic.)

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