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Mars Meteorite Pendant


What could be more heavenly than wearing a piece of a celestial world around your neck? Even if you can’t give someone the Moon and the stars, you can now give them a piece of Mars! And you don’t even need to visit the Olympus Mons gift shop to get it.

In the very distant past, a chunk of Mars was sent flying into interplanetary space, perhaps from an impact strike of another body onto the Martian surface, and after traveling around the Solar System for untold millennia, it fell to Earth in Morocco in 2011 as Meteorite NWA 6963.

Granules of this meteorite have been forever sealed in a glass dome, showcased by a colorful, cratered, Martian surface surround, strung from a lovely 18-inch solid sterling silver rope chain.

Comes in a stunning, padded, presentation box, making it a perfect gift for your favorite person (even yourself).

Approximately 1.3” diameter.
Includes a signed COA.

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1 review for Mars Meteorite Pendant

  1. Marco Baccini

    Great piece of jewelery. Original in it’s designe and style and a historic space exploration mommentum of great value! Modestly priced. Good work and taste, Mrs. Sally Poor!

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