Apollo 11 Stickers & Moondust Certificate, Set of 3


From NASA Apollo-Soyuz Russian Language instructor-interpreter Anatole Forostenko’s personal collection.

Humorous 1969 11″x4.5″ “Moondust Certificate” for 100 Moon Dublunars, exchangeable at Bank of Tranquility for Moon Mad Money, Solar Simoleons, Cosmic Coin, Satellite Shillings, or all the Moonrocks you can carry, “signed” by Victor E. O’Greencheez and Philthy Luke R. Kaiser; colorful 3.6″ Apollo 11 mission emblem sticker by Vitachrome; and a 4.25″x4″ black, silver, and gold 25th Anniversary sticker.

Dr. Forostenko led a Russian language team at NASA’s Astronaut Office to prepare astronauts to communicate with cosmonauts during Apollo-Soyuz, working closely with both crews as instructor-interpreter.

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