Two Sides of the Moon by Dave Scott & Alexei Leonov (Unsigned)


Our Story of the Cold War Space Race

Space was one of the most fiercely fought battlegrounds of the Cold War, with the Moon as its ultimate beachhead.

In this dual autobiography, Apollo 15 commander David Scott and cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first man to ever walk in space, recount their exceptional lives and careers spent on the cutting edge of science and space exploration–and their participation in the greatest technological race ever–to land a man on the Moon.

With each mission fraught with perilous tasks, and each space program touched by tragedy, these parallel tales of adventure and heroism read like a modern-day thriller. Cutting fast between their differing recollections, this book reveals, in a very personal way, the drama of one of the most ambitious contests ever embarked on by man, set against the conflict that once held the world in suspense: the clash between Communism and Western democracy.

Through the men’s memoirs, their courage, passion for exploration, and determination to push themselves to the limit, emerge not only through their triumphs but also through their perseverance in times of extraordinary difficulty and danger.

Softcover, 434 pages, 5.5″x8.5″.


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