America In Space: The First Decade (Set of 7)



From the personal collection of space artist James Dean.

This series of seven booklets, with matching folder, were published on NASA’s 10th Anniversary in 1968. Each booklet is an overview of important activities, programs, and events. Topics include Space Physics/Astronomy, Exploring Planets, Satellites, Spacecraft, Tracking, Communications, and Manned Flight. Several black/white photos.

It’s very rare to find all seven booklets in their folder these days! Usually the booklets are now sold individually.

Has slight wear on folder, but individual booklets are in excellent condition.

Softcover, between 18 and 30 pages in each booklet, 8”x10.25”.

James Dean was the NASA director of films, publications, and television, and then the Director of the Fine Arts Program at NASA from 1961 to 1974. He then became the Curator of Art at the National Air and Space Museum.

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