Michael Collins – Columbia

Apollo 11’s Command Module Columbia is seen from the Lunar Module Eagle against the cratered backdrop of the Moon shortly after Eagle undocked to begin its descent to the lunar surface. Command Module Pilot (CMP) Michael Collins now begins his lonely vigil in lunar orbit as the sole occupant inside Columbia, while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are on their way to take humankind’s first footsteps on another world. After Armstrong and Aldrin return from the surface inside Eagle, and rendezvous with Collins, all three astronauts will return to Earth aboard Columbia, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean. Michael Collins signs exclusively for us.

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Photo Only (10''x8''), Frame F (14''x12''), Frame E (16.5''x15''), Frame C (16.5''x15''), Photo Only (16''x20''), Frame F2 (27''x27''), Frame C2 (27''x27'')


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