Eileen Collins – STS-114 Front 8×10



With Eileen Collins as STS-114 mission commander, Space Shuttle Discovery is seen “nose-on” during a 360-degree pitch maneuver, performed so that the International Space Station can inspect for damaged tiles, such as those that previously caused the tragic loss of Space Shuttle Columbia during reentry. STS-114 was the first “Return to Flight” mission after Columbia‘s loss.

COA included.

Framed options C and E have a 6″x4.25″ embroidered mission patch.

NOTE: Because we have multiple photos available, signature position may vary slightly from the example shown here.

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Photo Only (8 x 10 in), Frame C (15 x 18.85 in), Frame E (15 x 18.85 in), Frame F (14.139 x 12.139 in)


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