Buzz Aldrin & Jim Lovell – Gemini XII Crew 8×10



Gemini XII command pilot James Lovell and pilot Buzz Aldrin smile for their crew portrait with a Gemini spacecraft mockup. Flown in November 1966, Gemini XII was the last of NASA’s two-man Gemini missions, leading to the three-man Apollo missions that landed twelve humans on the Moon between 1969 and 1972. Lovell and Aldrin spent four days in space, demonstrating and refining techniques necessary for later Moon missions. Veteran astronaut Lovell had already spent a record-setting fourteen days in space aboard Gemini VII, and would later fly on Apollo 8 on the first manned lunar orbital flight, then command Apollo 13 on its ill-fated lunar landing attempt. Rookie astronaut Aldrin would later fly on Apollo 11 on the first manned lunar landing flight, and become the second human to walk on the Moon.


Available only in an 8×10.

Comes with a COA.

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. The finest for color and longevity.

Framed with a 3″ patch.


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Photo Only (8''x10''), Frame C (13.5''x18.5''), Frame E (13.5''x18.5''), Frame F (12''x14'')


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