U.S.S. Enterprise Watch


Imagine what would happen to the crew of the starship Enterprise if their voice-activated computer stopped responding to the perpetual question, “Computer, what time is it?” How would they know how long was left in their five-year mission? How would the red-shirts know when to report for their ill-fated landing party? The resulting chaos might jeopardize the entire galaxy!

Well, now there’s a simple, retro solution. Just wear this analog watch on your wrist, and you won’t be beeped, beamed, flashed, or interrupted by your new-fangled, computerized, illuminated, and bulky smartphone or computer, when all you want to know is the time of day. And if you just want to let you mind wander, then watch the Enterprise second-hand streak by a colorful nebula background. Even Spock wouldn’t deny that logic.

38 mm diameter.
Nickel-free zinc alloy case.
Leather band.
1-year warranty.
Japanese quartz movement.
Not waterproof.

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